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Canplex Ltd.
3320, Marconi Street
Mascouche (QC) J7K 3N6
Phone : (450) 474-1191

Canplex’s mission is to manufacture and sell different plastic extrusions while being constantly looking out for new technologies and new processes; that is why the company tries hard to develop and to make new matrixes responding to the customers’ specific demands. The customers’ satisfaction is our goal, quite as the fast and professional service recommended at Canplex.

Canplex makes sure to have a close collaboration within its team of 30 employees. Management sensitizes its employees to always improve a constant performance in product quality, and this, in a bonding spirit. This way it permits relief training with continuing education because, as our slogan says: “Together Towards The Future”.

The importance of QA at Canplex

The objective of a continuous quality assurance is to obtain least possible errors to maintain a high percentage of good production while constantly improving the quality in the manufacturing. Our qualified personnel execute the quality assurance.

The QA director estimates meticulously each flexible, rigid or double extrusion following Canplex’s established standards. Here are the standards:

  • Scales determined beforehand during a meeting of pre-production with the customer
  • Sample approval
  • Production sheet approval
  • Technical drawing for rigid or double extrusion
  • Weight and width control of the piece according to the sample for the flexible extrusion
  • Verification of sizes according to approved drawings
  • Hourly checking of the details with a cut to insure production uniformity
  • Final approval by our QA director